Welcome to the East Bay Positive Psychology Center

The Positive Psychology Center is a multimodal therapeutic center which strives to provide the best possible treatment, training and coaching. The goal of the center is to help you find purpose, passion and happiness. While the principles of Positive Psychology are integral to the philosophy of the center, therapeutic techniques also include: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Mindfulness, Transpersonal Therapy and Solution Focused techniques.  Mind-Body training tools such as Biofeedback are also available.  Located in Orinda, California the center welcomes individuals from throughout the greater San Francisco Bay Area.

The integration of these concepts can help clients find the best possible solution to problems, issues and psychological distress.

This fully integrated approach can help with problems including, Depression, Anxiety Disorders, Sleep Disorders, Pain Disorders and ADD/ADHD.

The Center is also about more than helping overcome problems and barriers to greater life satisfaction; it is also a place to help those who are already doing well to achieve maximum functioning.  The center can also provide help and guidance for the exploration of advanced states of consciousness.  This work is based on meditative concepts, psychological theorists such as Charles Tart PhD and various worldwide philosophical teachers.

Through this website we hope to help you learn more about Positive Psychology, an emerging technique that is helping Individuals, couples, families and business find greater life fulfillment, more happiness and improved productivity